Crispy Grain bowl

What is a grain?

A grain is a seed containing edible components harvested for consumption. Legumes and cereals are the two most known commercially harvested grains. In addition, pseudocereal round out the edible grass family which provide substance and nutrients to our bodies.

As far back as 800 BC the first distilled beverages were being made from grains & cereals. This was the beginning of what we know of as alcoholic beverages. We have achieved many levels of pleasure from our knowledge of boiling, fermenting, distilling and even aging grains. Grains have played a significant role in feeding the world and quenching the thirsts of those who seek the grander pleasures of grains.

Welcome to Lucinda Grain Bar, a boutique bar featuring legumes, cereals and psuedocereals showcased in our beautifully curated selection of distilled beverages, craft cocktails and foods highlighting some of the rare grains from around the world and our backyard.

Lucinda bar

Lucinda Grain Bar is a 25-seat Bar and Cafe located in the heart of Ravenna. Lucinda is a place for people to relax, gather with old friends, meet new friends, and explore the wonderful world of grains through food and drinks.

We are primarily a walk-in establishment. Reservations strongly recommended for parties of 4 or more. Our doors stay open until 1am on the weekends unless the party keeps going!

Please Drink Responsibly!


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